How Garden Features Can Transform Your Grounds

How Garden Features Can Transform Your Grounds


Garden FeaturesPicking the right garden feature for your backyard can take some thought and, without careful consideration, it can detract from your outside space. Ponds, for instance, may be great for older kids but a danger for those with little ones, while grand archways may look out of place in a small garden space. Some features may even be impractical for you and your garden maintenance skills and can end up being an eyesore in your otherwise simple and pretty private grounds. Below are some ideas and tips to help you on your way and to make sure that you don’t regret investing in those designer garden features.


Ponds are a great way of encouraging wildlife to visit your garden. Not only are they ideal for frogs and newts but they also attract a whole host of insects, birds and furry friends which use it as a new drinking spot. With the right plants and sheltered spots it can add a real bit of character to your garden and is even educational for the kids. Make sure that it is well cordoned off from smaller children and that gates, fences or covers are always well-maintained.

The sound of the wildlife and the sight of the sparkling water can also add a real sense of tranquillity to any garden, making ponds perfect for creating a relaxing haven in the country, city or town.

Other Water Features

Other water features, such as waterfalls, fountains and spillways, can also be incorporated into most garden spaces and can create an instant feeling of serenity as well as a real visual treat. Water walls are great for complementing a contemporary and sleek garden design while ornate garden spouts and statues add a more traditional style. Either way, the sound of the trickling water is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and is perfect for both inner city retreats and stately country escapes.


Rockeries are a great way of building texture into your garden and can work in both contemporary and traditional landscaping designs. Those looking for a modern style should plant minimalist shrubs and tight mounds of foliage, making use of small stones and pebbles for filling in the gaps. Large stones can make for a dramatic border in a spacious garden, while using a variety of sizes and shapes is best for creating a natural space.

Rockeries are also a clever way of making the most of sloped garden areas and can be used to plant an interesting variety of pretty flowers and plants. Busy and vibrant rockeries are a colourful addition to any cottage-style garden and can even be planted with thyme and sage for that added bit of scented bliss.

Archways, Lanes and Borders

Pretty flowering archways and quaint plant-lined lanes are perfect for large country gardens with style. Here, hidden terraces and an array of potted plants, climbing ivy and mature tree borders create a private woodland-feel, while the birds and the bees will love the nectar, pollen and seeds.

Vegetable gardens

For those who love to enjoy natural food grown from their very own garden, having a vegetable plot in your own back yard is a number one design feature. Giving your garden a real natural and earthy feel, it is both good for your health and a real gardening feat. So if you want to give your garden a practical and country-feel start fertilising that soil, planting those seeds and waiting for those plants to take root. Ideal for both small and large gardens, a vegetable plot can be as big or as little as your garden dictates.

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